What to Look for in Fiji Travel Packages for Couples

An ideal Couples Escapes. Great beaches and private villas with plunge pools. Discover the best Fiji Travel Packages for Couples.

What to Look for in Fiji Travel Packages for Couples
Fiji Island

Are you planning a romantic escape to Fiji with your significant other, but are getting a bit lost with all of the different Fiji travel packages available? It can be difficult to know what to look for in a holiday package for couples because Fiji has so many options for so many different travelers. From families to adventure travelers, backpackers to couples - how do you differentiate which packages are best for your romantic getaway? 

We’re sharing our expert advice and knowledge on Fiji travel packages for couples to help you plan the perfect trip. Whether you're on your honeymoon, celebrating an anniversary, or just feel like spoiling you other half with a romantic trip for two - this article will help you identify what to look for in Fiji travel packages for couples. 

Package inclusions: 

When choosing a package, you want to make sure you choose a package that is appropriate for you and your partner. A good Fiji package for couples will include a range of things. From accommodation, activities, and dining, to transportation and transfers, there is a range of things that you need to look at when choosing a package.

When planning a romantic Fiji trip, it is important to consider the following:

  1. Where will you be staying?
  2. What will you be doing?
  3. How will you get around?

Adults-Only Fiji Accommodation: 

If you're after privacy, luxury and romance then an adults-only resort on one of the outer islands is your best bet. They will take a little bit more effort to travel to, however, they are far removed from the hustle and bustle of the family-friendly resorts on the main island. 

When planning your romantic Fiji tour, look for places that are private and secluded, away from other tourists. Fiji is an island-nation and is home to many small islands - and these islands are ideal for getting away from the crowds. Look for places that have their own private beach, or a small private island with a private swimming pool. 

Fiji also has a number of adults-only secluded all-inclusive resorts and hotels. You'll spend your days at these types of resorts getting couples massages, having long walks on the private beaches, and enjoying a romantic candle-lit dinner. These resorts are ideal for honeymooners and couples who want to feel like they're the only two people for miles. 

When researching your accommodation options look in areas like the Yasawa Islands, Tokoriki Island Resort, Matangi Private Island Resort, Royal Davui Island Resort, Likuliku Lagoon Resort, and Matamanoa Island Resort. These islands and resorts are perfect for couples looking to get away from the crowds while enjoying the secluded beaches and crystal clear waters. 

Most of these options are located on their own private islands and will be the only resort on the island. The suites are usually placed far away from each other, and the number of couples or tourists allowed on the island at any given time is limited. The resorts will be all-inclusive meaning that all of your food, drinks, and tours are taken care of - so you can relax and enjoy spending time with your loved one.

Romantic Fiji Tours:

Tours are another thing you'll want to consider when booking the perfect romantic Fiji holiday packages. You'll want to avoid tourist hot-spots which tend to attract a lot of families and children and opt for private tours in secluded locations. 

When choosing your romantic Fiji activities, look for things that are different from activities you would usually enjoy on your holiday. There are a number of tour companies that will take you to the best spots for snorkeling, diving, swimming, fishing, and more. The best ones will allow you to travel in small groups or even private.


Diving is a must on any romantic Fiji trip, as it is one of the most popular activities. The water is warm and clear, and there are plenty of locations where you can dive. Some of the best diving spots in Fiji include Likuliku Lagoon, Yavusa Island, Yasawa Islands, the Mamanuca Group, the Yasawa Group, and the Vanua Levu Group.


Swimming is another popular activity for couples on a romantic Fiji vacation. Pack yourself a beach picnic with fruit and bubbles and ask your tour guide to take you to a secluded spot where you can spend the day in each other’s company frolicking in the crystal clear waters. 

Day Spa

Fijians know how to do luxury experiences better than any other nation. Their day spas are world-leading and award-winning. A full-bodied couples massage will leave you feeling relaxed and sensuous.

When you're looking for a tour that is right for you, look for tours that are led by local guides who speak English and have experience with your kind of tour. 

Fiji Transport for Couples: 

There are a number of ways that you can get around Fiji. If you are on one of the private outer islands, you will likely not require a vehicle as everything will be within walking distance. You will need boat transport to and from the island, but this is usually organised by the resort and will be included in your accommodation package. 

If you wish to explore some of the other islands close by then we recommend a privately chartered boat. This will allow you the freedom to go where you choose as well as the privacy to revel in each other's company completely. 

If you do find yourself on the main island then the best transport option for couples is a hire car, or even better, a chauffeured vehicle. Again, this will afford you freedom and privacy that you cannot experience on public transport options. 

Fiji does have a number of public transport options like buses that are convenient and affordable. However, they are often over-crowded, and getting a seat during peak hours can be difficult. You will be surrounded by families and backpackers, and your journey will be longer. 

Fiji Travel Packages for Couples: 

We hope that this article has helped you plan the ultimate romantic Fiji holiday. Finding a travel package that includes accommodation at an adults-only resort, a number of private and romantic tour inclusions, and private transport and transits will ensure that you enjoy the perfect escape for two.