Unique Places to Visit in French Polynesia

In this post, you will find about the Unique Places to Visit in French Polynesia with your family and friends to enjoy your vacations.

Not many people are aware of French Polynesia. It is a small hidden gem on the Earth that people must explore, especially if they are into beaches. The snowy white sand, sparkling turquoise water, and the marine life in France Polynesia make the place an ideal holiday destination. Many airlines offer amazing deals on their flights, and we recommend you to check out Hawaiian Airlines booking deals to make sure you travel with utmost comfort at a reasonable fare. French Polynesia has many places to explore and have fun at. We have listed some of the best places to visit in French Polynesia to save you some time chrome all that research. 

  • Bora Bora

Bora Bora island is one of the most beautiful islands in French Polynesia. It is most popular amongst couples looking for the perfect honeymoon destination. The island is spread along 38 square kilometers of coastal land is entirely covered with soft sand and beautiful tall trees lining the edges of the island. You will find many small lovely aesthetic villagers sound the island where the locals live. The main attraction of this island that attracts the divers and tourists the most is the deep lagoon. You will find many colorful fishes, whales, and sharks of rare species. This is why a part of this lagoon is also popular by the name ‘ray trail.’

  • Moorea

This heart-shaped island is one of the most romantic islands in French Polynesia. Along what people coming here for their honeymoon, you will also find people having tier wedding ceremonies by the coastlines of this beautiful beach. You can visit here and relax by the beach and sip some amazing local drinks of French Polynesia. Along with that, if you are looking for a place where you and your family can enjoy some water sports, the beaches on this island are completely safe. One of the most comfortable and safe beaches here is Temae Beach. You can also go hiking on the mountain Belvedere and see the most amazing view of the island. 

  • Tahiti

Yet another gorgeous island in French Polynesia is another favorite destination amongst the romantics looking for the perfect honeymoon destination. In addition to the couples, this destination is the ideal destination in the country that loves adventure and water sports. An annual event, The Billabong Pro Teahupoo competition, is organized in the southeastern part of the island, attracting thousands of divers from all over the world to come and have fun in the coastal waves on the beaches. The highlights of the island for all the surfers are Fisherman’s Bay, Puna’auia, Matavai Bay, Papenoo, and Point Venus. 

  • Huahine

Huahine is basically two islands connected with a bridge and is a picture-perfect place in French Polynesia. People come here to visit the very famous Polynesia, the Maeva Marae, on the shores of Lake Fauna Nui. This island is not a part of the Society Islands because the people living here did not agree to change and were taken to be warriors. This is why people also know this place as the ‘rebel island.’ Along with that, because of being resistant to change, you will get to see the original form of life only on Huahine in French Polynesia. 

  • Marquesas Islands

Away from all the neighboring islands, the Marquess Islands is a group of islands that are not protected by barrier reefs and have coastlines that end on abrupt cliffs. This island is mostly known for the variety of wildlife on it and the greens all around. The islands that attract tourists here are Nuku Hiva, Ua Huka, and Ua Pou. each of these islands has something special about them. For instance, Nuku Hiva is famous because it is very big and people get a lot of places to relax away from the crowd. Ua Pau is renowned for its sky-touching mountains, and Ua Huka is known as the island of the horses. 

  • French Polynesia Agriculture School

French Polynesia has only one agriculture school, which is located on Moorea island. This place is perfect to om with your family. You will get to see a wide range of fruit trees here, such as pineapple, bananas, vanilla beans, grapefruits, and a lot more. They also let you have a range of products made freshly from these fruits. You can have sorbet, fruit juices, and jams. Along with the school, you can take a tour of the island and have a view of the highlights here, such as the Belvedere Lookout and Magical Mountains Lookout.

  • Papeete Market

If you want to get the real essence of French Polynesia, you must visit Papeete Market. Here you get to see, feel and smell the real lifestyle and culture of this place. The market is beautifully decorated and is lined up with local vendors selling a variety of handmade goodies. You can buy souvenirs from the cute gift shops, buy waived baskets and hats, or get a taste of some of the exotic fruits bought freshly from the farms. 


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