Tips and Tricks From a Professional Removalist

Tips and Tricks From a Professional Removalist

Guidance from a professional helps us in various ways, best of all it makes us feel secure and confident. We get a feeling of being able to do things without hesitation, confusion and obstructions. So, It can be a teacher, a doctor, a senior, or even a professional removalist.

Moving days are not easy. They take up time and a lot of energy. However, they can be a little bit easier when you know exactly what and how to do it. So, Here are some tips and tricks from a professional removalist which will help you in your moving process. 

  • Prepare a checklist! 

Sit for a while and prepare a to-do list! This prevents all last minute chaos and your packing process is carried out in an organized manner. There are no chances of forgetting about things or worrying how you'll pack it all. This will also give you an idea of how much time you need to devote per day, or the amount of packing materials you require and a lot more. 

  • Never too heavy

Don't just fill up all the boxes just because you can. You don't want your boxes to give up and break while they are being carried. If you are carrying them to your new place, each box should weigh around 10 kgs and if interstate removalists are carrying them, it should be around 15-20.

  • Don't take everything

Sit and decide on what things you do not need in your new home. The old rugged furniture, all those dull bottles, half torn mats etc. Do not take them with you. Why do you want to spend money (packing and moving) on them? It's better if you donate, sell or even recycle them. Who knows you can make money out of them? 

  • Get done with non essential items first

When you start with the packing process, start with everything that you need the least. Get all those show pieces, wall hangings, small furniture etc. you're motivated in the beginning so this will get done easily. Label these as non-essentials and unpack them in the end after reaching your new home. 

  • Always label

Can you imagine sitting in your new home with boxes that do not contain labels? Imagine the amount of stress that comes with it! Phew! So you know the importance of labelling just after reading these 2 lines. Labelling also helps to stack up your items in the van or truck. 

  • Rent a truck

If you are capable of packing all by yourself and you want to save money, this is the best option for you. Some removalists can charge way too much just for loading, driving and unloading. Get some laborers for loading and unloading and drive the rented truck on your own. You can save a lot of money by hiring house removalists

  • Essential box

DO NOT FORGET to pack an essential box for day 1. Pack everything you will need on the first day in case you don't want to unpack right after moving in. This should contain toiletries, baby diapers, baby food, chargers, towels, sheets, a few utensils etc.