Things to know about industrial fans

As name suggest that industrial fans are completely different than ceiling fans and desktop fans, and they are meant for the industries only.

Things to know about industrial fans
Things to know about industrial fans

As name suggest that industrial fans are completely different than ceiling fans and desktop fans, and they are meant for the industries only.

We do not need to use our ceiling fans throughout the year and we can keep our rooms cool during winter without such fans. In case of an industry, you need to use the industrial fans throughout the year because such fans will eliminate the fumes, gasses and odors from your working area. Apart from that, they will remove moisture from the air and keep your machines clean.

You need to provide a healthy environment to your workers and you must keep all harmful gasses away from your working areas. When owning a chemical industry then you must provide some protective gears to your workers like gloves, helmets and masks.

Similarly, you need to install some powerful industrial fans in your factory to remove harmful fumes and gasses. Otherwise, your workers can suffer from lung diseases and breathing problems. According to major government regulations, using industrial fans in the selected industries are necessary, and people do not have such ventilation systems in their factory will be penalized by the author.

How do industrial fans work?

You can find few blades in these fans and they are connected with a turbine system. Industrial fans can rotate and work faster than a desktop fan, and they can provide continuous air flow. They can circulate fresh air inside your industrial area, and they will remove odour and harmful gases from your enclosed area. Apart from the industries, you can also find such fans in gyms and underground parking area. Such fans do not allow air stagnation and they can reduce the humidity level of an enclosed area.

Different types of industrial fans:

Axial fans: you can find such axial fans in power stations, locomotive factories and other large industrial areas. They are heavy air flow fans which are designed with axial forces and they can collect the air or gasses from the surrounded area and expand toward the outer edge.

Cooling fans: you can use cooling industrial fans in different applications such as radiators, air-cooled system or heat exchanges. They have larger diameters than axial fans and they can provide heavy airflow.

Centrifugal fans: A constant flow and air pressure means you can choose centrifugal fans. They are mostly used in automotive industry. Apart from that, people can use them as building ventilation system or central heating system. These industrial fans have rotating impellers to increase the air pressure and they can remove gasses from an enclosed area.

These fans are available in different forms such as freestanding, wall-mounted and ducted industrial fans, it depends on your requirements that what type of industrial fans you need and you can discuss the same with an expert to choose the best one. However, if you have large factory or food processing unit then you must choose a wall-mounted or ducted industrial fan. In this case, you need to install number of fans in your areas and you can keep your working place cool during summer without using any alternative cooling system.

Factors to consider while you choose industrial fans:

Now, before you choose any industrial fan, you must measure your industrial area because you need to choose the fans according to the area that you need to cover. Apart from that, you must check the warranty, power consumption level, cooling capacity and installation guidelines of the fans before you choose.

Always choose branded industrial fans which can save your power consumption cost, and you can search them online to choose the best one.