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Transcription is becoming a need of businesses all over the world. As businesses are getting digitalized and moving towards the internet for their functioning, the importance of speech-to-text conversion is increasing tenfold.

What is a Transcription Service:

A transcription service is a business service that converts speech (either live or recorded) into a written or electronic text document.

Transcription services are often provided for business, legal, or medical purposes.

Call Transcription Services:

Call Transcription service is the business service that provides transcripts of phone recordings or telephonic audio files for various purposes to make the text searchable and easily accessible for the reader. Call transcription is an important and powerful tool for business, training, medical, or legal reasons.

For maintaining a record of the customer service department many companies are investing in call recording software and call transcription services to further better their products. Call transcriptions provide your representatives with scannable records of every conversation they have with customers.

Importance of Call transcription

Record keeping:

Call transcription allows businesses and companies to keep records of their customers in an organized and efficient manner. This also helps you in learning more about your audience and improving your products through the analysis of customer experience.

Accessible data:

Call transcription makes data accessible and easy to reach so that your data is stored in a manner that is safe but is also searchable whenever you need it.


If you are a business or call center that depends majorly on sale calls and hiring new employees regularly then call transcription is something you should invest in. Having transcripts of your calls can help train new employees and give them a kind of script they can work on.

This way you can offer an example of a script to new hires and help them make their own as well as give them a deeper insight into how you want your clients to be dealt with.

Customer Insights:

Call transcription helps you gain deeper insights into your customer's experience with you and give you a better idea about what your customers want from you. This way you can better your service effectively.

Legal Purposes:

Although, that's the farthest thing in a call center's mind when availing of transcription services. But call transcripts can be used also in legal purposes where accurate data is much needed.

Call Transcription Service Providers:


Servixer is a fast-growing multi-services provider on the internet. Servixer offers different kinds of transcription services and calls transcription is one of them.

They offer 99% accuracy on their transcripts provided by human transcriptionists. The company offers one of the most budget-friendly, and affordable price rates available on the internet.


Iovox also provides call transcription. They offer transcripts having searchable content that you can share. Although, the app is only available for Andriod and records only your side of the conversation.


It is one of the most famous call transcription service providers in the game. GoTranscript offers affordable transcripts starting from as low as 0.77$ per minute. All their transcripts are generated by human transcriptions so they have high accuracy.

GMR Transcription:

GMT transcription offers earning calls transcription. The transcripts are provided by human transcriptionists and offer 99% accuracy. They offer fast turnaround times and affordable rates for their transcripts. They claim to use the industry's best security (encryption) to keep your data secure and confidential.


Scribie is also one of the best in the game when it comes to automated transcription. Although quality is compromised a little due to the site operating purely on voice recognition technology, they offer very affordable transcripts.