Protecting Steel Garden Art: Everything You Need To Know

Protecting Steel Garden Art: Everything You Need To Know

While the process of investing in steel garden art is as simple as putting an item you like in your cart and placing an order, there’s a lot more to taking care of it than you’d be able to believe. To turn your garden into a beautiful space, you need to be willing to be putting in the time and care necessary to make it happen.

From paints and sealants, here’s what you need to know about protecting that steel flower you bought for your garden last week:

Has your steel art been painted over accidentally? Here’s what you can do

If you’ve ended up getting graffiti or paint on top of your steel garden sculpture, you might find yourself in a state of worry, especially if you’ve already coated it with a protective coating.

When you end up having a permanent stain over your steel art sculptures, you will need to let go of the protective layer that you have sprayed on top of the art.

  • Firstly, it’s important to not chip off the paint. Even though you will be tempted to tear apart the paint from the steel with your nails, don’t do it. This will only end up in ruining your art sculpture permanently.
  • Once you’re ready to go forward with the measures that you need to take, the first step you need to take is sandblasting the object. Not only will this allow you to take off the paint from the sculpture smoothly, but it will also get rid of the protective coating that you might have placed on top of the sculpture. This brings us to our next step.
  • After you’ve sandblasted your garden art, it’s time to follow the process of re-patination. If you aren’t aware yet, patination is the process of controlled corrosion on top of bronze and steel objects. This process of artificially incorporating a thin layer of patina allows objects to avoid the more dangerous form of rusting, also known to be the destructive red rust.
  • The last part of the process is resealing the art. Once you’ve finished sandblasting and applying a layer of patina on top of it, you can begin resealing the metal with a protective coating for rust. This ensures that your steel garden art remains protected for years to come.

Steps you need to take to protect metal art - generally

What if you just bought metal art and haven’t had an ‘incident’ that is capable of ruining it yet? Well, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Begin by cleaning up the sculpture with a lint-free cloth. Even if an item is brand new, it’s important to do what you need to do to protect it from any leftover residue. Cleaning up the steel garden art will allow you to be convinced that it holds no mineral remnants on top of its surface. 
  • Once you’re done, your piece of art is ready to face the next step of protection - the sealant! To spray the sealant, you want to lay down the sculpture on top of your work surface (lined up with a cloth underneath to protect it). 
  • Spray and dry the sculpture, whilst ensuring that you’re spraying lightly, with an equal layer all across its surface. Repeat this process 2 times. 

Protecting a piece of garden art can be simple, as long as you’re willing to give it a bit of your time. At the Metal Garden, you can find several different designs of garden art from the hands of a professional. 

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