Pros and Cons of Living in New Mexico

If you are planning for a trip then the best option is New Mexico. Here, we are describing the Pros and Cons of Living in New Mexico.

Pros and Cons of Living in New Mexico
Things to do in New Mexico

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Let’s first talk about the pros of New Mexico:

Pros of Living in New Mexico


It has a lovely landscape. If you begin your trek in the desert, you will arrive in the mountains in a few hours. You may go for a walk in the woods, sit on the banks of rivers, and have a good time in the state's canyon valleys. New Mexico has exceptionally clean air, and it may surprise you to learn that even the most heavily contaminated sections are the least polluted. Because the constellations and stars are exceedingly crisp and bright, it is a fantastic site to gaze at them. A pleasant atmosphere allows you to spend some time relaxing on the riverbank in the evening. In this location, there are also canyons and valleys to observe.

Cost of living

New Mexico is a lot more affordable area to live in when compared to other states. It's one of the few states where the cost of living index is significantly lower than the national average. If we extrapolate, it would be roughly 5c/o less than the national average index. The question is, why is this the case? The cost of food, groceries, healthcare, and transportation are just a few elements that might cause the index to drop significantly. Also, when it comes to housing, New Mexico is known for having lower home costs, as seen by the fact that the median home price is 6 cents less than the national average. New Mexico’s education is less expensive than in other states in the US. In-state tuition would cost roughly $181 on average, making it the cheapest in the country. If you consider relocating to New Mexico with a family with school-aged children, it may be the finest state to consider because it will help you cover all of your expenses. Are you thinking about moving to New Mexico? If so, it is preferable to comprehend both the benefits and drawbacks of the state before making a final selection.


You'll find a wide range of entertaining activities. This is the greatest destination to visit if you enjoy outdoor activities. There are numerous outdoor activities to participate in and enjoy. Cycling, rafting, skiing, climbing, hiking, and horseback riding are examples of these sports. Painting, opera, design, and theatre are some of the creative arts that are flourishing. Many events and festivals are held, attracting visitors from all over the world. Gambling and casinos are also legal in the state, so you can go there whenever you want.

Less Traffic

As you may be aware, traffic congestion is a problem in almost every modern country. However, because traffic is not an issue in New Mexico, people take alternate routes to work. Traffic jams cause frustration, crashes, delays, and pollution in today's fast-paced world. So this isn't a problem in New Mexico.

Unique and Historic presence

If you enjoy history, New Mexico is the place for you; there are numerous historical sites to see. Are you an art lover? The structures have something to do with history because the way they are built illustrates the architectural style with the artwork. Then take a trip to New Mexico. Paintings, poetry, and other forms of art are also valued in the city. Visitors can sample some of the amazing foods that have influenced Spanish and Mexican cuisine. When it comes to the natural beauty of New Mexico, the state has wonderful scenery that you can walk around, whether in the desert or hiking in the mountains in the surrounding areas. The state has a vast history and various aboriginal tribes' stories to tell. The state is one of the most diverse, with a wide range of ethnic groups coexisting.

Cons of Living in New Mexico


New Mexico is not the best place to live if you have a dust allergy. During the dry season, the wind blows at a rapid pace, causing noise. Seasonal storms require people to be prepared. During the dry seasons, there is an issue with dust, which can be hazardous to individuals. Seasonal allergies are common among individuals due to the high speed of the wind.

High Crime rate

The state is well-known for property crimes, with a greater number of offenses relative to the national average, and a higher crime rate due to a lower employment rate. The unemployment rate and the crime rate in New Mexico are directly linked. What is the significance of knowing the crime rate? It's vital to be aware of the city's crime rate because not only you, but your children will be relocating. You should ensure that the location where your children will be is safe.

Lower Income

When it comes to income, many people in this state live below the poverty level. As a result, people living in rural areas are falling behind in job possibilities and education. People are hired on a contract or seasonal basis.

Poverty And Drugs

The state is well-known for its drug trafficking and drug conspiracies, although poverty is the most prevalent issue. As a result of most people's inability to seize opportunities that come their way, the youth are more involved in drugs and drug-related crimes. The above-mentioned unemployment concerns exacerbate poverty, increasing the number of persons who are homeless.

If you think you will be able to balance between the pros and cons of the place, you can move forward with your new life in Mexico. Talk To A JetBlue Representative for the flight bookings in JetBlue airways.