Know All About Teeth Cleaning

A teeth cleaning is a routine process and a part of regular hygiene which most of us go through right from our childhood.

Know All About Teeth Cleaning
Teeth Cleaning

A teeth cleaning is a routine process and a part of regular hygiene which most of us go through right from our childhood. Teeth cleaning can also be done by a professional dentist in order to make it effective and long lasting. An extensive teeth cleaning is an effective way to remove tartar and plaque accumulation which can be due to improper hygiene being maintained for a long time.  Gum disease is one of the leading issues that arise from untreated dental build-up and this can weaken the overall immune system of the body and gives rise to other ailments. The damaged caused from severe gum disease cannot be reversed and hence need to be prevented. It is recommended that you get dental checkups or cleanups done every six months to once in a year to keep your dentals in its best shape.

Basically, there is no fixed schedule or timing. Any time which works well with you is a good time to begin with the teeth cleaning up procedures. Oral health must be taken seriously as it can lead to severe medical ailments. Cardiac issues and cancers of the mouth are some of the common issues which are connected with teeth decay.

Types Of Teeth Cleaning:

Grade 1 Teeth Cleaning:

Grade one or basic teeth cleaning are done to people who do not have any existing gum disease. Basic teeth cleaning can be done right at home. A regular cleaning, rinsing and flossing of the teeth and taking care of the mouth on a daily basis are good enough. This is a phase when you notice no kinds of discomfort, bad odor or bleeding from the gum or teeth. Even a person who maintains good dentals can undergo teeth cleaning procedures in a professional dental clinic.

Grade 2 Cleaning of teeth:

This is commonly the grade of teeth cleaning designed for people with any type one gum problem or disease. A lot of people are victims of some basic gum disease but are hardly aware of it. Flossing your teeth will result in bleeding gums if you have this kind of a disease. Redness around the teeth area is also a sign that you might be having a gum problem like gingivitis. The top advice for this disease is frequent brushing and flossing. There are other treatment plans also which only a dentist can give you. Discussing the problem or signs you experience openly with the dentist will help you get some professional guidance about correcting it.

Grade 3 Cleaning:

Grade 3 teeth cleaning are for people having gum bleeding and have accompanied issues such as unwanted gaps between teeth and gums. This is the early stage of Periodontitis can be cured with proper treatment that begins with dental cleaning first. Other symptoms include gum recession. Recession is a phase when gums begin to erode from teeth and reveal the root part. Remember that gums which recede cannot be fixed even surgically. Regular check up with the dentist will help you detect any such kind of disease at an early stage. It is extremely important to detect this early as there is no cure once the recession begins.

Grade 4, 5 and 6 Cleaning:

At these advanced stages of gum disease or Periodontitis, surgical intervention is needed along with teeth cleaning processes.

To begin with you can simply begin with a whitening kit which can be found on any drugstore. The idea is to understand the seriousness of teeth cleaning and start a healthy habit on a daily basis. If you do not undergo regular teeth cleaning and maintenance process your gums and teeth can decay and create discomfort in your lifestyle quality.