Steps to Improve Your WordPress Site’s Performance

Here in this article, we will discuss how to improve the WordPress site’s performance.

Steps to Improve Your WordPress Site’s Performance
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Is your site losing traffic? Then you need to check your site’s performance. No one likes waiting on a slow website for long that takes time to load. Rather hitting the back button is preferable for them. This way merchants can lose sales due to the slow loading of pages. Poor website performance will cause losing visitors and decreased probability of those visitors coming back to your site in the future.

Here in this article, we will discuss how to improve the WordPress site’s performance. Scroll down!

Figure out what caused your website to slow down

Determining the cause behind the website slow down is important. Before you optimize your website speed and performance, figure out what is causing this slowdown. A speed test of your website could help you with this. For testing the speed enter the URL of the page you want to check. After the speed test is done check the performance grade and page speed. Also, you can implement various techniques mentioned in the report to upgrade website speed.

Information to look for before you spend money

There are various WordPress development companies specialized in user experience design and cutting-edge technologies that can help you with this problem. But before you spend money hastily check with all the on-page adjustments available.

It is possible to bring back your website to the normal flow by tying out some optimization tips all by yourself. The WordPress development companies can charge you a heavy amount for optimization services that could end up draining your money without any improvement, if you have resource-intensive code for your page.

Check the below 5 steps that can supercharge your WordPress site’s performance!

5 Steps to supercharge your WordPress Site’s Performance

1. Reduce and Compress Images

Uploading images of the required dimension is essential to speed up your site’s load time. You must resize the images before uploading. You can use HTML code to scale your image to the appropriate size. But it depends upon the file size as to how you can scale them. Resizing is a must but you cannot compromise on quality. Reduce the image size before putting them in the code and again reduce the file size and add them to speed up website performance.

2. Reduce the number of requests

The load time also depends upon the web page elements. The more the number of files the more time will it take to load. To be precise the quantity directly affects the load time rather than the size of the file.

3. Use Plugin or free tools to minify Javascript, CSS, and HTML

To decrease your load time it is important to reduce the transferred data. Eliminate extra space and remove line breaks from source code to lower the amount of data to be transferred. Various WordPress plugins like Better WordPress Minify, WP Minify, and WordPress Compress HTML can be used to decrease the document size. and can also be used instead of WordPress plugins to minimize Javascript and CSS documents.

4. Add a cache plugin

Implement cache plugins on your WordPress site to reduce the load time. The cache plugin stores the data generated from the WordPress site in a database and helps in quick rendering the next time when anyone visits the page. The cache plugin also helps in providing additional resources for other processes to supercharge site optimization.

5. Leverage Browser Caching

Leverage browser caching is a method that involves coding knowledge. Web page elements like HTML, images, CSS, documents, Javascript, etc., take a longer caching period, and by implementing this method you can control that. This method reduces the time taken in downloading the file every time the page is accessed.

The above five steps can help you optimize your WordPress site’s performance. Starting from improving search engine optimization, file resizes, compressing images, and other stuff, you get a complete package of solutions for supercharging your website.