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Responsibilities of Concierge Security Guards

Pinnacle Protection concierge security guards in Sydney are instilled with 7 important responsibilities that make us one of the best security companies in Sydney.

  1. Adherence to work policies and procedures.
  2. Ensuring clients and visitors adhere to site policies and procedures.
  3. To be proactive team members.
  4. Ensure the health and safety of themselves and other persons and properties on-site.
  5. Be up to date and participate in on-going changes in site policies and procedures in accordance with legislation.
  6. Attend seminars and training as directed by management.
  7. Ensure all private data remains confidential in accordance with the law.

Quality Concierge Security Services.

Our concierge security officers undergo strict yet easy to follow training regimes to ensure their performance to their duties is at a high standard to benefit your site. Innovation and perseverance are key to success, so our officers are trained to adapt to constantly evolving policies and procedures to ensure you get the best security services now and in the future. High reporting standards ensure that management is well aware of what’s happening on the grounds to enhance security strategies. All information regarding our customers is kept confidential in secure databases so that you don’t have to worry about private information being leaked out into the wrong hands. So contact Pinnacle Protection, to ensure your sites are reliably secured and well managed.

Retail security solutions

When it comes to retail security solutions, our concierge security officers can also play a role in customer service. Our concierge security officers can work together with or take the place of customer service officers at shopping center service desks for added security. Being highly trained and oriented on safety guidelines and access points on site, Pinnacle Protection’s concierge officers are more than capable of ensuring administrative tasks are complete, security is guaranteed, and overall customer satisfaction is achieved.

CCTV Camera Monitoring

For many concierge sites, often there are CCTV cameras already installed. Our concierge security guards are experienced and licensed to operate CCTV camera systems for better surveillance and coordination. With our security officers monitoring CCTV footage during incidents, you will be able to receive faster and more accurate reports generated without the stress of you having to go back over cameras yourself after an unavoidable issue takes place. For ease of mind that your buildings are being fully monitored in the most professional of manners, then Pinnacle Protection will cater to your needs.

Security Companies Sydney

If you are looking for security companies in Sydney that offer high-quality concierge security officers look no further than Pinnacle Protection.