how to adapt this style in tune with the times?

The art deco decoration has been in vogue for a few years and continues to assert itself. So how to adopt this style without excess? Discover all our tips for an art deco touch adapted to current trends. Tip: union complex is the best spot for purchasing luxury apartments in Lahore

The art deco decoration has been in vogue for a few years and continues to assert itself. So how to adopt this style without excess? Discover all our tips for an art deco touch adapted to current trends.

Tip: union complex is the best spot for purchasing luxury apartments in Lahore

The art deco decoration

The art deco decoration has returned to the fore for some time and is now asserting itself. The codes of this style are very marked and often used in a complete set. The result is very elegant and original.

But sometimes, this style deserves to be softened, mixed with other elements for a touch of freshness and novelty.

In this article, discover all the tips for adopting the art deco style with a more up-to-date vision.

TIP 1: Sober art deco colors

A clear and bright art deco atmosphere

We often find rich and dark colors such as burgundy, pine green, or navy blue in decorating art deco. The atmospheres often presented in this style can be very warm but sometimes not very bright.

To bring this decoration up to date, bet on a lighter and more refined result. Do not be afraid of white in the art deco style; it helps balance the room by highlighting certain elements.

So bet on white, light gray, or cream walls. You can liven them up with wallpaper on a section of the wall. Opt for art deco patterns with arches and rounded geometric shapes but always in light tones

The choice of light furniture

In your white room, keep the atmosphere with furniture in art deco style but in light colors. In general, avoid overloading and focus on elegant elements.

For example, a white lacquered sideboard with golden compass feet will be ideal for dressing your dining room. Lacquer reflects light to illuminate a corner of darkness.

Choose a model with rounded shapes in cream velvet for your sofa: the perfect style for your trendy art deco interior. Then, add some more colorful cushions for comfort.

TIP 2: Art deco brass deco elements

A suspension that has its effect

Who says art deco says golden brass. But, even in a more current and nuanced version, brass has its place in your decoration.

Without being too much, this material and this color bring a touch of bling to your interior. It is a strong element of the style, and it goes very well with a more sober touch; it is then sublimating and sublimated.

Bet, for example, on an art deco pendant in golden brass. There are many models with various shapes. But the current trend is for rounded shapes and glass spheres. At the same time, airy, art deco and marrying with the contemporary this element to any good to brighten up your decoration.

Details with golden touches of art deco decoration

Furniture legs

Golden brass in art deco is often found on: the uprights of a shelf, the structure of a table. But, for a more balanced effect, rely on just a few details.

The light touches near the ground are very chic. Opt for chair or buffet legs in gilded brass. This will balance the room without flashy effect but very elegantly.

For a little more pep in your interior, bet on some golden decorative objects. Either a large isolated room or several small objects.

For example, dare the mirror with fine golden edges or applique of this warm metal. Bet on a cup, an hourglass, or a shell cushion in golden velvet for decorative objects.

You can also choose to add a golden touch with the wall decoration. For example, some canvases have gold paint or even metallic effect wallpaper.

TIP 3: Art deco velvet touches

The very comfortable seats

The art deco decoration is built mainly around its very round and particular style and another important point: comfort. We find this aspect of comfort in the round shapes, intimate colors, and thick and soft materials. The perfect example is velvet.

 Velvet is used in art deco decoration on various supports but often on the seats to create a cozy and elegant effect. Therefore, it is found on chairs, benches, and benches and sofas, ottomans, or armchairs. Make your choice to avoid having velvet all over the place, which will take away the charm of your room.

A cozy headboard

Another example of velvet is in the bedroom. It has its place to create a boudoir-effect decor, very intimate and warm while being very classy. It can be found on a bed cover, decorative cushions, or an ottoman in front of the mirror to get ready in the morning.

An original and very trendy version is at the head of the bed. You can find it commercially with quilted effects, seashell, or even plain. You can also make it yourself with a wooden structure, foam for the calming effect, and velvet by the meter. Mount it all with fixing nails and staples, and you're good to go.

TIP N ° 4: Counterbalance the elements of art deco decoration

Simplified lines

Now that you have the essential elements for an art deco decoration, here is how to put them together. Bet on fairly simple lines for your velvet sofa, for example, to avoid the risk of getting bored. Ditto for the gilded brass elements: opt for simple and timeless items.

The ideal art deco decor

In general, you will understand, art deco is very trendy in small touches. For a modern side, opt for rather cold colors to counterbalance this style: green, blue, white. A few touches of cream or gray are welcome.

Add touches of velvet and golden brass but mix them with more natural materials such as wood, cotton, and glass. The marble is also a leading material: the most beautiful effect on a coffee table or dining table!

TIP 5: Plants for more life

Well-chosen green plants

The plants are not always present in an art deco interior. But they bring life among many benefits and give your decor a more contemporary touch.

They will go very well with the colors of the moment, green, blue, and white. The greenery also contrasts very well with the touches of gold for an ideal result.

Pretty vases for your fresh flowers

In the same vein, flowers are always pleasant, even if it is not the typical elements of the art deco style.

Choose graphic flowers like lilies or aromas. Choose a vase that will echo your decor. A vase in the colors of your home, with a touch of gold, a shell shape, or geometric elements

A touch of bling while remaining chic

The principle of this new generation of art deco decoration is to bring the elements of this style without creating a total look for more modernity.

So dare some striking elements such as a gilded brass chandelier, a marble end table, and a velvet sofa.

Shade this marked decoration with the choice of colors, shapes and by adding other more sober materials.

The mix and match always allow for a balanced decor while keeping the personality of the desired style. So here you are with an interior in the art deco style very chic with current trends.