How SMRT’s Engineering Group Driving Service & Operational Excellence

How SMRT’s Engineering Group Driving Service & Operational Excellence

SMRT Corporation is the leading public transport operator in Singapore. The organisation was restructured into five main groups - Trains, Engineering, Roads, Experience, and Corporate Services – in 2018 to transform its business and increase reliability.

SMRT’s Engineering Group: Overview
SMRT Engineering Group has been created by the rail operator to leverage emerging technologies, improve rail engineering expertise, and enhance the skills of SMRT workers. This business group primarily looks after the operation and maintenance of trains, logistics, digital transformation, and engineering technologies. The group has three main objectives:

• To bring new capabilities 
• To create a competent workforce
• To achieve financial strength

SMRT’s Engineering Group: Role and Works
SMRT Engineering Group is transforming the way the company works. As soon as it was formed, the organisation has seen tremendous improvements and development and here they are:

1. A data foundation layer has been built to get better insights, reports, and alerts related to train operations.
2. Advanced data processing and visualisation are being used for improving train efficiency and maintenance purposes.
3. A predictive and real-time dashboard has been developed to improve customer engagement and journeys.
4. Condition monitoring is being utilised in maintenance operations to collect and analyse operating data so that future rail failure can be identified and mitigated. 
5. For track access management, SMRT is now using the Track Access Management System (TAMS) for enhancing track access planning, resource allocation, and safety features.
6. SMRT Engineering Group has deployed Kaizen and learning organisation methods to create a future-ready workforce. Ab Initio Training is provided to the workforce to build technical skills.
7. SMRT is working with SkillsFuture Singapore, Singapore Institute of Technology, and Nanyang Polytechnic Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning to develop a learning system and strengthen the qualities of rail engineers.
8. The best way to achieve financial strength is to optimise processes related to the supply chain. The Engineering Group is transforming the supply chain for SMRT Trains by ensuring strategic procurement.
9. To promote cross-learning for rail and bus operations, SMRT is working with national and international operators and maintenance agencies.
10. The group has been able to bring digital transformation in the corporate services by introducing ‘Workplace by Facebook’ social network, a chatbot application, and an electronic key press for efficient tracking of key access by employees.

Commenting on the formation of SMRT Engineering Group and its role, SMRT CEO Neo Kian Hong said, “SMRT is a public transport service provider. Our primary business is to manage and operate train services. The quality and reliability of our rail services will have an impact on the quality of life of Singaporeans.”

Neo Kian Hong further commented, “We plan to strengthen the organisation to meet the intended outcomes and stay focused on our core business which is trains. We also need to grow our rail engineering capabilities and capacity to be ready for the future.”

SMRT has been working continuously to improve network reliability, operational efficiency, financial sustainability, and a competent workforce. With the formation of the Engineering Group, SMRT has been able to bring innovative solutions, digital transformation, and technological advancements in train operations and maintenance within a period of 2 years. SMRT Engineering Group will continue its work to grow the capabilities and businesses of SMRT.