How is it possible to bear the cost of cancer treatment in India?

How is it possible to bear the cost of cancer treatment in India?

The increased incidence of the disease and the rising treatment costs make it imperative to secure one's finances. Patients who are battling with cancer often get worried about how they can handle the cost of the treatment. If the person is not having enough money then what they can do to handle the expenses.

According to WHO, every year there are around 10 lakh new cases of cancer in India. However, the risk of dying with cancer before the age of 75 is around 7.1% only. No doubt, the cancer treatment cost in India is bearable as compared to other countries.

Also, the cost is on the rise because of the improved technology, infrastructure, and newer medications for the patients to live a better life.


Recurring expenditure of cancer treatment

Cancer-care is long-term in nature and it translates to recurring expenditure. For the family, at times it becomes tough to bear the cost and many special features need to be addressed. You can choose from the critical illness cover which helps to ensure a range of illnesses which include cancer and specialized cancer care products.


Importance of screening

Patients need to understand the importance of screening. At times, the patient avoids the symptoms, and later they regret when the problem has increased. This is true, if the cancer is detected early then cancer treatment is more effective and the cost for that also reduces. Screenings are a great way to reduce the cancer treatment cost by Rs 5000.

You should not wait to approach the doctor only when the treatment has advanced which makes the treatment more expensive and the survival rate also declines. Around 70% of cancer is detected in the advanced stages. With the targeted therapies everything is much easier and the results are effective. They might be expensive but they are great for your health.


Critical illness covers

The critical illness plan provides cover for many diseases at the best price. With acute illness, the person can face many issues like change in lifestyle, the burden to manage the hospital bills, and domiciliary care.

This plan is with a waiting period of 90 days, and you need to pay a lump sum on diagnosis. For a better understanding of how you can manage the treatment cost, it is best to get in touch with the oncologists.



Cancer care products

Many cancer care plans have been introduced by the Indian government that covers the plan for the early stages of cancer. With the initial stages and advanced stages of cancer, some of the treatment cost is paid. Cancer care products are made so that cancer patients do not have to take the stress of anything.


Consult the best oncologist

The most important way to manage everything is by consulting the experienced and trained oncologists. By doing so, it can be made much easier to make an informed decision. The cancer doctor will prepare a dedicated treatment plan which works the best for people suffering from any type of cancer. If you have any doubt then get in touch with our doctor today only.