Hire the best pest control Agency: All you need to know about termite control

Hire the best pest control Agency: All you need to know about termite control
Hire the best pest control Agency: All you need to know about termite control

The health and hygiene of every individual are paramount, and there are ways to ensure the same, like maintaining the cleanliness of the house, ensuring good health, and keeping pests and termites at bay. Having pests and termites at home is an open invitation to unhygienic conditions and diseases. These may indicate allergies, a stomach infection, and other diseases; hence the best way is to seek the assistance of termite control.

What are termites?

The subterranean termites, which are also popularly known as white ants, because the most havoc and they infest on cellulose-rich material like timber and wood. The termite attack is not noticeable in the beginning but when the colony grows the damages become unrepairable. Do not confuse white ants with black ants; the white ants have a pale color. In Australia, there are 300 species of termites, but not all of them are dangerous. Termites having wings are called alates, and they are often confused with moths. They fly off from the colony and form new habitats in newer environments and form a new colony. Call professional to perform termite control for your home and office and save your furniture from termite attack.

How do you know if the termites have infested your place, and you need to go for termite control?

The first thing you need to do is to look for certain signs that clearly demarcate the presence of termite infestation. The following segment highlights some of the key signs of termite infestation at your place:

  1. If you observe mud shelter tubes, then it is alarming. It shows that termites have started to colonize your house, and you can spot them in brick foundations or architraves.
  2. Termites also infest wood and timber, so hollow-sounding timber means termites have started to eat it away. 
  3. Sagging doors and floors are also a sign of termite infestation.
  4. The skirting boards are easily damaged, so it clearly shows that termites have started making their presence felt in your house. 
  5. Termite growth also impacts the structural integrity of the place; for example, cracked paint or plaster suggests there is a problem with termites. 

Methods of termite control

There are several methods of termite control, and here we are highlighting a few of them:

  • Physical barriers
  • Chemical barriers

Physical barriers

There are different types of physical barriers like 

  • Termite shields- are also popularly known as ant caps, they don’t prevent termite activity, but they do bring them into the open. Thus, it becomes easier for you to detect the same.

  • Stainless steel mesh- The next option that you have is the woven stainless-steel mesh. These can be mounted on a concrete slab or around the pipe to prevent the entry of termites. 

  • Composite systems- These are chemically treated plastic sheets that contain chemicals. 

  • Reticulation systems- These are fitted under slabs to prevent the termites from accessing the house. 

Chemical barriers

You can apply chemicals under the concrete slab or around building footings. However, to ensure its effectiveness, you must renew it after a certain duration of time. Your termite control company should be able to assist you in the same. These are a less toxic alternative to other methods of termite control. These use a very small amount of low-toxic Ingram; these impact the exoskeleton of termites without harming any human or animal.  

Hire a professional termite control agency to assist you. Make sure that you do not ignore the signs of growth of termites and call up a professional agency if termite growth is a regular affair. Do not wait for the damages to increase. Call for help even if you spot anything suspicious. This will help you save a lot of money later.