Everything You Should Know About Carpet Seam Repair

Everything You Should Know About Carpet Seam Repair

As carpets come in a roll of definite size, your floorings are bound to have carpet seams in several places. Two carpet rolls are fixed to the floorings using adhesive or tape so they remain invisible. Unfortunately, over time carpet seams start fraying that damaging the beauty of your carpet.

However, to your relief, you can fix carpet seams repair by hiring experts or doing it yourself. When dealing with carpet seam problems it is important to have some important information so you can get to the root cause and prevent such incidents in the future.

Here in this blog, we have mentioned everything that you should know about carpet seam repair. So, let’s get started!

What Causes Carpet Seam Damage?

There are many reasons why your carpet seams get damaged, and below we have mentioned some points that you should know.

High Traffic- High traffic is one of the most prominent reasons why a lot of carpets get damaged. Furthermore, when your carpets are old it is bound to develop some seam damage issues.

Poor Quality Carpet or Tape- Another reason behind carpet seam damage is the poor quality of the carpet. When the quality of the carpet is poor they develop several problems, especially with seams. Moreover, it is also the quality of the adhesive or tape that is used at the time of carpet installation that matters.

Faulty Installation- Lack of skills or tasks done by immature carpet installers can also lead to seam damage. Your carpet seam may start becoming too visible after installation. Moreover, excessive cheap carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne can also lead to carpet seam damage. Therefore, it is important to be careful with your carpets.

How to Fix Carpet Seam Damage?

Fixing carpet seam damage is not complicated, as you can try DIY hacks for the job. Furthermore, you can always hire professionals for the job. Let’s take a look at how carpet seam damage is repaired!

Inspection- First, you should inspect the condition of the carpet and check its adhesive or tape. Most of the time the adhesive is over melted or melted which needs to be fixed.

Repairing- for fixing carpet seam damage, replacing the adhesive or tape is important. Using a hot seaming iron and adhesive two split seams can be fixed together.

Just fix the tape between two carpet seams and bring the edges together. Press firmly and place a heavy book or flat item on the carpet seam so the adhesive can work its magic. Leave the heavy item overnight for the best result.

The task of carpet seam repair is not too complicated and can be done with or without professional help.

How to Prevent Seam Damage in Carpets?

Every carpet owner wants their carpets to last long. However, most don’t know the right things to do for their carpet’s durability. Therefore, here we have mentioned some tips on how to prevent your carpets from seam damage.

  • Invest in good-quality carpets and adhesive tape. It is important to invest in a good quality carpet as these aren’t installed every year. Moreover, a good quality carpet and tape last longer and causes less trouble.
  • Check for moisture damage. Your floorings can have moisture issues that can affect the effectiveness of the carpet adhesive. Moreover, over-wetting carpet due to carpet steam cleaning Melbourne or water damage can also damage the seams. Therefore, you must avail professional services when it comes to carpet water damage.
  • Control foot traffic. While controlling foot traffic on the floor fixed carpets can be difficult, it is important for your carpet’s lifespan. If the traffic in your house is too much, you can try placing a runner or a rug on the carpet, so it can remain protected.
  • Regular inspection of carpets is important. This way you would be able to detect any problems in its early stage. Regular cleaning, maintenance, and repair services can protect your investment so they can last long!

Final Thoughts

These are a few things that you should know about carpet seam repair. So, if you want your carpets to last long without developing seam damage, make sure you pay attention to the reasons that cause carpet seam damage. Follow our guide and tips to take better care of your valuable carpets!

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