Duct Repair | Do and Don'ts

Duct Repair | Do and Don'ts

One cannot live peacefully until she/he has a house with proper heating, ventilation and air conditioning, also known as HVAC. To achieve this one should have a duct system. And not only a duct system, a properly maintained, cleaned and serviced Duct Repair. 

Ducts are an essential part of our home. The way the ducts function has a huge impact on the family’s health. They’re unseen and often are forgotten about. People forget to clean and repair them regularly. Some also ignore the needs of the ducts and the prolonged problem and delayed repair and service leads to decreased life of the ducts and more importantly poor air quality to live in. It also leads to improper ventilation all over the house and sometimes it also attracts various pathogens. 

There are so many dos and don’t of ducts which results in so many problems which could have been avoided if taken care of properly. You can hire professional for duct repair services.

Below Some Common Do’s and Don'ts of Ducts Are: 

  • Do Know the Signs:

If suddenly you have an allergic reaction like runny nose, burning sensation in the eyes or headaches without any reason it is probably because your duct system needs immediate attention. So, Another sign can be the frequent appearance of dust. If the furniture seems dirtier than usual even after usual cleaning, it is the duct that needs the cleaning. 

  • Test for Mold:

If you seem to have any common symptoms that might be pointing to mold exposure and you cannot seem to point it to any concrete source, it is probably in the ducts. Molds are dark color patches which might often develop due to moisture and lack of sunlight. You need A mold inspector to check it and eliminate it professionally. 

  • Take Preventions:

It is  better to take precautions than cure. Using things like stoves, fireplaces and furnaces can also decay the ducts. Change filters of the ducts regularly to keep water and dirt out of the ducts. 

  • Don’t Over Clean:

Some people might get all finicky and start cleaning their ducts more than it needs to be cleaned. Experts recommend cleaning their duct work every three to five years and whenever it is really necessary. Over cleaning can do severe damage. 

  • Don’t Use a Spray:

People often make a mistake to use spray cleaners to clean the ducts but the spray is doing quite the opposite. Any spray in ducts will come back to the air inside and end up creating more toxins in the ducts and home. 

  • Don’t Use Duct Tape:

Due to its name people think a duct tape should be used to seal any leakages but it is not supposed to be used. Only a good quality sealant should be used to seal any damages and leakages. 

These are some do’s and don'ts which people with ducting should swear by if they want to have perfectly functioning ducts which require very less attention. Get duct cleaning Melbourne services at affordable prices from Oz clean team.