Dressing your toddler for a day in nature

Dressing your toddler for a day in nature can be challenging. Learn what the key pieces for a day out in any weather are and dress your little one the best day possible.

Dressing your toddler for a day in nature

Once you plan a weekend in nature with your loved ones, you start planning the outfits for both you and your kids. However, this can be a pretty challenging task for parents. Depending on the weather conditions, which sometimes can be unpredictable, you don't want to make your kid too hot or cold. That's why a simple guide like this is necessary. Here's everything to know about dressing your toddler for a day in nature, in all kinds of weather.

The basics of dressing for a day out

Regardless of the season, it would be best to consider a couple of things when picking clothes for your young one for a day in nature. All of these tips focus on being comfy and practical and making the most of your day of fun.

Comfy clothes

No matter how many items of clothing they wear, your kids should be comfortable as much as possible. As you know, toddlers are very active, even at home. And a day in nature is going to make them even more playful. That's why you should go for cute yet comfortable and practical clothes. You want them to feel as unconstrained as possible during all that running, jumping, and other activities. At the same time, these outfits can look cute in pictures you’re going to take that day.  There's a way to make the kids look good and feel good during family time in nature.


Another essential factor you should consider when picking this outfit is the size. Avoid too small or too big clothes, as they can bother the child during play and increase the risk of hurting themselves. For example, slightly bigger shoes or long pants can make the child trip and get hurt. That’s why it's crucial to pick the clothes that fit perfectly and don't disturb your little one's playtime.


One of the golden rules of dressing your toddler for a day in nature is layering. As we have mentioned, the weather can get unpredictable, so you want to have layers of clothing that you can take off or put on again. Layers are also a great way to keep the child warm and ensure they can take a layer or two off if it gets warm during the day.

Weather forecast

Even though they are not 100% accurate, look at the weather forecast before you go out. If you're traveling a bit further away from your home, adjust the location of the forecast to check the local weather. See if anything will change during the day, if there is expectance of rain or snow, etc. Be prepared and avoid unpleasant surprises.

a toddler running in rubber boots

Dressing your toddler for a day in nature – in any weather

Unless it’s too cold to go out, any weather can be perfect for a day in nature with your family. You can dress right and have the most beautiful day in nature, and this guide is here to help you out.

Spring walks

Probably the easiest time to dress your little one is in spring. However, weather can get unpredictable, so you don’t want to forget the layering rule. Ensure your kid has an undershirt, a shirt, and a light jacket or a vest. However, since it can get rainy in spring, it’s best to use rain boots for this day.

A hot summer day

Spending a day in nature during summer can be one of the best memories of your family. That’s why you need to make sure everybody feels good and stays protected. Dress your toddler in lightweight cotton clothes, and avoid synthetic materials. If you want to eliminate the possibility of rashes and other skin reactions, organic materials are a great choice. Furthermore, make sure your child is protected, so don’t forget to apply sun cream. Another layer of protection is undoubtedly a hat, as well as sunglasses. When it comes to footwear, pick the shoes carefully, even though it’s hot. As they will walk and run a lot in the grass, over the stones, etc., pick sandals or sneakers that protect their feet and are comfortable enough for exploring nature. If your summer day includes a beach or pool, get a swim diaper and swimsuit that protects their skin and is made of materials with UV-protection.

an example of dressing your toddler for a day in nature

Rainy autumn days

Even though they tend to be wet and chilly, autumn colors are amazing. Kids also love playing in wet and muddy areas, so don’t spoil the fun for them. Clothes you’ll need for dressing your toddler for a day in nature this time are:

  • the base layer –a cotton/wool shirt
  • sweater
  • warm bottoms
  • waterproof jacket/raincoat
  • rain boots with a liner inside
  • hat and waterproof gloves
  • warm socks

These will keep the child dry but also comfortable for running around in the rain.

Cold winter days

Kids love snow! And even though it’s cold outside, they can have a lot of fun if dressed right. Make sure you dress them in layers – a shirt, a wool sweater, snowsuit or jacket, and pants. Boots need to be appropriate for cold weather, so make sure you get warm, waterproof ones. And don't forget a hat, a scarf, and some warm gloves.

a way of dressing your toddler for a day in nature in a cold weather

Sometimes, buying seasonal items can be expensive. That’s why you should plan your kids’ wardrobe, buy on sales and try to find some hand-me-downs. Kids often wear such clothes for a short time until they overgrow them, which is why most families have these pieces in excellent condition. This is how anytime you want to go out, dressing your toddler for a day in nature will not be a problem.