DIY Steps For Total Termite Treatment And Home Pest Control

DIY Steps For Total Termite Treatment And Home Pest Control

Termites live in colonies and are always looking for food. Moreover, there are more than 2000 known species of termites. Furthermore, termites are tiny insects with segments present on the body. Also, they possess wings of equal lengths. They are confused with ants but the difference can be easily seen if you have experience identifying them. Likewise, swarmers are winged termites and they create new termite colonies. Working termites are sterile hence they can't reproduce. But they feed the whole colony and thus help them grow in huge numbers. Similarly, these working termites are the ones who eat the walls and furniture. Moreover, if you spot a swarmer in your home then it is sure that you have a whole termite colony. Here are some quick D.I.Y suggestions for Termite treatment at home. In addition, these steps can be also helpful in controlling other pests that may be waiting outside for trailing inside your property. 

Easy Top 10 D.I.Y for termite treatment, prevention and control at home:

1] Check the foundation

It is always recommended to check your house foundation every season. First, walk around and take a quick look at your property properly. Additionally, look for any possible signs that would conclude possible damage. If you have a concrete foundation then don't worry termites don't feed on concrete. But look for mud tubes on the walls. This is a possible sign of termite infestation.

2] Thumb test

Buy a good flashlight and carefully look around the attic and basement for any possible termite infestation. As a matter of fact, take your time and look around for mud tubes or shredded wings. Moreover, pay extra attention to the corners. In general, if you see any possible signs of termite infestation then you might as well try doing the thumb test. Second, try pressing the thumb onto the wood and if it gives a sound like a hollow wood then you possibly got a termite treatment at your home. 

3] Proper ventilation

Ventilation is extremely crucial as moisture plays a key role in termite infestation. Moreover, make sure your attic and basement have got proper ventilation to avoid extra moisture. Also sealing is important as moisture can build up in walls too. If there is less moisture then having a termite infestation chances are low. This is a good and easy trick for termite treatment.

4] Baits for termite treatment

If you are seeing any termites or fear of possible termite infestation then bait them away. Indeed, a termite bait station works wonders. It is a termite repellent that helps in drawing termites away from your property. Additionally, it helps to destroy termite nests before they can grow into big colonies.

5] Check for woodpiles

For a good termite treatment try keeping the woodpiles in check. As termites can easily take a huge trip from the exterior of the house to the inside, it is important to keep a check. Move any woodpiles or wooden stuff away from your house which is not in use. Keep a distance of 20 to 30 feet at least from your main property. 

6] Trim away

Vegetation can cause termite infestation too. It is quite common nowadays to see living vegetation causing termite infestation. Try to trim shrubs and trees around your house. Take care of the bushes and shrubs a little more. Look at the plants growing around as well. Make sure they aren't too close to your property. 

7] Space between soil and wood

Make sure you have at least 18 inches of space between the wood and the ground. Keep in mind the sliding decks and have space in between to separate them from the ground. Termites are in the soil itself, so any elevation can be good. This can help in preventing termite infestation.

8] Termiticide for termite treatment 

For this, dig a trench around the infestation and then fill it with insecticide. Especially, use termite insecticide. Use a non-repellent one, this will ensure that they don't run away. Therefore, they will probably die in the trench itself. This will stop the repetitive infestation. 

9] Heat it up

Heat can definitely kill termites as they are heat sensitive. Therefore you can always see them hiding away from the sunlight. Try heating up the area for at least 20 minutes. This can make them come out and possibly die too. Also, you can spray insecticides in the area. 

10] Pre-treatment for termite control

If you are just getting started then make sure you apply pre-treatment for termite prevention. There are lots of termite repellents in the market these days. They are available easily as well. Make sure you apply or spray termite repellent before proceeding to build up your house.

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