Common Methods To Clear Clogged Drains Problem

Common Methods To Clear Clogged Drains Problem

A clogged drain is a very common issue nowadays. Every plumbing system develops clogs and the culprit for the clogged drain problems are hairs, kitchen waste, coffee grounds, and garbage disposal as these substances don’t break down. So it’s important to clear clogs in the kitchen, toilet, and floor drain. 

Here are Some Most Common Methods to Clear Clogged Drains Problem:

Clothes Hanger:

Bent a hanger wire from one end and straighten this wire as much as you can and use this on a clogged drainpipe. Push this wire into the drain and clear the hairs and other substances, after pulling out all the waste material run hot water to clear the drain. 


Except that some people use a plunger to clear the drains. Don't worry if waste material is not coming out while you are using a plunger, keep trying 4-5 times for better results? Put the plunger over the drain and start pumping up and down quickly. After removing the plunger wait for some time and then start over.

Boiling Water: 

Another useful method is to pour the boiling water directly into the drain. Boiling water was used to clear all the hairs, grease, and soap residue which stuck into drains and blocked all drains. This is the simplest trick. Always remember not to use this trick on PVC pipes as hot water can melt the plastic so in that case, you may contact affordable plumbing services

Plumber Snake:

The plumber snake has a coiled spiral snake that can go down into the drain and take out the clogs which are difficult to take out. When you find out that there is an obstruction then shift the dislodge and take it out from the drain. 

Don’t push too roughly as sometimes clog moves further down rather than coming out. 

Baking soda and vinegar:

Homemade drain cleaners like Baking soda and vinegar are the best solutions to get rid of clogged drains. Mix 1/3 cup of baking soda and vinegar and after that use immediately into the drain. Don’t disturb this solution overnight for better results and after that check in the morning.

Garbage Disposal:

If any of the methods don’t work then there is an issue with the garbage disposal. Use running water to turn on the garbage disposal. This will help in clearing the clog. If you find any difficulty like broken machinery at that time your disposal stops working. 

Preventions from Future Clogs:

Once you have done removing the clog then you need to take some safety measures.

  • Take care about food, coffee grounds, and other waste material out from your kitchen drains
  • Don’t put the unused food in the garbage disposal
  • Don’t flush cotton towels, pads, and other material into the toilet
  • Check the drain stopper regularly, clean it, and then use it 

Check out all the pipes, tubs, and showers if there is any leakage then immediately take action or call the toilet repairs Marrickville. Once in a month deep clean your tubs and for maintenance use bacteria.