Finding Top General Contractors in New York

The Top general contractors in New York City are responsible for the design and construction of residential and commercial properties throughout the five boroughs of New York.

Finding Top General Contractors in New York

If you are looking to open a new business or add onto an existing property, you can count on one of the city's experienced contractors. New York City is home to many of the world-class businesses you hear about when you talk about the art world or other sectors of the economy. That means there is plenty of business for qualified New York construction firms. The following article will help you identify some of the Top general contractors in NYC.

What should I look for when hiring a roofing contractor?

Skilled and trusted. This New York contractor is probably one you've heard of through either word of mouth or online reviews. This is because they have been verified as commercial roofing contractors NYC by a verifiable 7 days ago. With this verification, you know that if the job isn't done right, you won't be the one left holding the checkbook. The construction firm you choose should be skilled and trusted with projects ranging from residential structures to major commercial projects.

Competitive and fair. When you're talking about affordable professional general contractor salaries, you don't want to compromise your standards. You want the best and brightest New York construction firm working on your next project, and you deserve it. To ensure you get only the best, you should ask for at least two references. Ask for a list of the projects they've completed in the past, the level of expertise each of the general contractors bring to their jobs, and the overall "comparison score" you are given.

Previous experience. - One of the most important factors in choosing a general contractor is their previous experience. Make sure you talk to several different firms, since some specialize in different types of projects. Ask them about their past projects, the level of experience they brought to the job, and whether or not they have any recommendations from former clients. You can also find information about the size of the crew or workers they have on hand, as well as the variety of tasks they performed.

How do I choose the right contractor?

References. - New York construction companies should be willing to provide you with a list of professional references. You should call each reference and ask about their experiences with the firm, how they felt about the work they were done, and whether or not they would recommend them to other potential clients. Be sure that the references come from actual people and not just marketing materials or online reviews.

Accredited with the Better Business Bureau. - Finding a general contractor in NYC that's accredited with the Better Business Bureau can mean the difference between having an incompetent company on your property and one with great service. BBB verification will mean a good, accurate report that will provide verifiable data about the commercial general contractors in NYC that you're considering. This will help you make a more informed decision about hiring someone, and it may make it easier to fire them later if you find out they've done something that doesn't match up to your expectations.

Completion of construction contractor continuing education classes. - There are many ways to find a good, reliable Building contractors NYC, but none are as effective as taking advantage of the resources offered by the state's Department of Education. Completing approved CE courses or passing an exam from the Department of Education or certified professional engineers (CPE) is one of the best ways for you to make sure you hire experienced workers who are going to provide you with the best quality work every time.


Finding a qualified, licensed professional is critical when you're working on any major project. The last thing you want is to waste time and money on a project because you hired a contractor who didn't meet the requirements for your particular type of job. If you're not sure which contractors to hire, contact the Contractors Association of New York or another business group in your area to see which ones are on their list of recommended firms. Then follow up to make sure that they meet all of the requirements for your type of job. By taking some simple steps, you can be much more confident about who you hire to work on any home improvement project in New York City.