Bedroom lighting ideas: top 5 picks that will transform your bedroom

Bedroom lighting ideas: top 5 picks that will transform your bedroom

Imagine a dull and dark bedroom with minimum natural light peaking through the windows and old shabby looking light bulbs which may die anytime soon. Not quite what you want your bedroom to look like, right? Now imagine a brightly lit bedroom, with a wooden bedside lamp and a stunning chandelier right above your bed. That's a dream bedroom setup for sure. This is how crucial the lighting of your bedroom is. Regardless of the size of your bedroom, the kind of lighting you choose can play a huge role in the overall appearance and the ambiance of your bedroom. In this article, we will have a look at some of the most popular and strikingly appealing lighting options for your bedroom.

1. Wall sconces

Are you fond of bedtime reading? Well then, wall sconces on either or both sides of your bed can be your best friend. Scones are usually tall enough, at least above your eye level while you are seated on the bed so that their bulbs are not visible. They are available in various sizes and colour options. So you will easily find something that suits your preferences.

2. Table lamps

Timeless and classic, somethings simply never go out of style. Table lamps have been in trend for the longest time now. Thanks to their versatility and compact nature, they are easy to place anywhere in your bedroom. Be it the study table, dressing table  or even by your bedside- table lamps are simply adorable!

3. Standing lamps

Add that touch of elegance and luxury to your bedroom with standing lamps. They are not only ideal for your bedroom but they can also complement your living room or dressing area. Standing lamps come in various colours and interesting designs on the bottom part of the lamps. They are portable as well, so in case you decide to move your furniture, you will be able to adjust the lamp accordingly.

4. Floor lamps

Floor lamps have tall and skinny legs with a blub and its coverage on the top. These lamps are available in various designs and price ranges. Although, they are highly preferred in high-end and luxurious bedrooms. You can either decorate one lamp on either side of the bed. If you have a special study sofa chair in your bedroom. These lamps can be placed right next to the study chair as they are tall enough to provide adequate spotlighting.

5. Other options

Apart from the staples such as wooden bedside lamps, if you want to go for something a little off the beat- there are some other options as well. Go for pendant lights which hang from the ceiling saving you a lot of space or you can go for ceiling fan lighting where a light bulb is covered by shade and located in the center of the ceiling fan. You can explore as many options as you want and choose something that suits your bedroom the best.

When it comes to the lighting of your bedroom, unless it is reading light for your study area- make sure you go for something subtle but not dull. You don’t want anything too bright poking in your eyes. Choose design and style that would complement the rest of your bedroom and blend in with the interiors rather than stealing the show. Design your dream bedroom with premium bedroom decor and linen options- visit to explore all Australian made collection of home essentials.