Accessibility Features Of Digital Door Locking Systems

? Don’t you think that it is time you replace these old-style locks with more modern and more secure digital door locks?

Accessibility Features Of Digital Door Locking Systems
Accessibility Features Of Digital Door Locking Systems

When you have spent so much money on modernizing your home and giving it a new ultra-tech posh look then why do you still use the age-old latched type locks in your house? Don’t you think that it kind of looks odd with the modernity of your house?  Don’t you think that it is time you replace these old-style locks with more modern and more secure digital door locks?  Here we will inform you of some of the ways by which these locks function.

When you are on the hunt for purchasing digital door locks emphasis should be given on the type of opening and closing mechanism of the locks.

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There are three basic types of locking systems that the digital door locking solutions make use of-

RFID locks

This locking mechanism makes use of a radio frequency emitter, and a receiver and the latter is attached to the door. You don’t have to operate these locks physically at all. They work on radio waves or radio frequencies, much like the same way as in your car.

Bluetooth locks

The Bluetooth lock work based on Bluetooth technology. Yes, they too work on emitting and receiving a Bluetooth signal to open or lock the door. The best part is that they are cool and you can operate them using your smartphone.

Electromagnetic locks

As the name suggests, there is an electromagnet within the doorframe. This electromagnet releases its magnetic powers and thus due to the high magnetic attractive force, the door gets locked.

Key questions to ask while opting for digital door lock system?

Yes, the digital door locks will provide high security. But apart from this, there are some additional features that you can opt to go with. Here is a list of questions that you must ask yourself while choosing digital locks-

Do they still have a physical key option?

Some digital door locks operate both physically like the age-old latched door locks and also have a numerical keypad locking system.

So with these gadgets, you can use both types of locking systems to give tight security and prevent security breaches into your house. It is probably the best option to go with these types of digital door locks.

Does it have a retinal scan or a fingerprint opening and closing system?

Some of the digital locks are enabled with biometric systems. These are rarely used in the homes but mostly in high-security purposes places such as banks, various research laboratories, nuclear testing sites, defence and military areas, etc.

The biometric system can also be sometimes combined in many ways such as retinal and a fingerprint scan both simultaneously or a biometric scan and a numerical combination.

Some of the even more advanced systems also have facial detection systems or voice recognition systems integrated into them.

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Can they be opened with an app on your smartphone?

Another feature that you must look for when choosing the digital door lock is whether it is accessible via your smartphone. There is a lock, and the opening or closing technique is the corresponding app that you have to mandatorily install on your smartphone.

Does it have a subsequent alarm system on unauthorized inputs?

In some highly tight security scenarios, the digital door locks are also equipped with alarm systems to prevent unauthorized entries and prevent fake passwords from being entered.


In the end, it is one’s requirement of security that has a primary say in the type of digital door locks that you choose.