Why is a used forklift the best choice?

It is an inspiring and at the same time very rational, economically profitable strategy. Quality will be most noticeable when a product begins.

Why is a used forklift the best choice?
Why is a used forklift the best choice?

British luxury car maker Rolls Royce is proud to announce that none of its cars have ever been demolished. It is an inspiring and at the same time very rational, economically profitable strategy. Quality will be most noticeable when a product begins its second or even many life cycle. This is no different for forklifts. As the saying goes, we are too poor to buy cheap things - a good quality used forklift does better than a low-end new one.

Indeed? But who owns the used forklift?

Rather, ask the question to whom not. There are surprisingly few plants or warehouses where it is not worth thinking about purchasing a used forklift. In Hungary, there is a good chance that a well-chosen used forklift will be the ideal choice - there are few plants where the load would be so high that it is only worth buying a brand new forklift. Experts agree that a daily net operating time of 4 hours is the load over which it is really worth investing in a new forklift. This may sound small at first, but in reality there is a rare workspace where there is more real occupancy. And if you only need occasional mechanized help, or perhaps to support an existing fleet, then the used forklift is definitely the winner. If you suddenly have to buy one, you can also choose from existing, used machines right away - just like in car manufacturing, here you have to reckon with some lead time when ordering a new forklift. For Rental Click here

The most important and compelling argument is cost reduction:

Choosing a used forklift instead of a new one can save us up to 30-50%. Unless, of course, we run into a poorly maintained or low-quality used forklift, in which case the wrong decisions will demand the goods hard. We can avoid disaster and risk procurement by choosing from Linde’s carefully refurbished trucks removed from its own fleet. This saves not only on the purchase price, but also on the purchase time, compared to both used and new purchases. On the one hand, we get away with the endless and even longer time we would spend browsing and studying used forklifts, and on the other hand, refurbished used Linde forklifts are immediately available, while lead times have to be reckoned with for new orders. If you choose from Linde used forklifts, our many years of experience will help us choose the one that best suits your purpose. They know the machines available, are aware of their background and can give tailor-made recommendations in light of exactly what we need.

What should we pay attention to?

If we cut into the search ourselves, let’s take into account the fact that buying a used forklift takes a lot of patience and time. In all cases, check the documentation supplied with the truck - the absence or obvious deficiencies may be a warning sign. The most important thing is to check the documentation of repairs, maintenance, tests and uptime. Pay attention to the serial number and, of course, the general external condition of the truck. An important decision point is the test drive - observe how it reacts, how accurate it is, whether there is a backlash and how overall the truck seems reliable. We also need to rethink whether the custom accessories needed for use are available, because it is useless for a truck to be perfect if it cannot do exactly what we need it to do. The good news is that we can save all of this for ourselves and eliminate the risk of buying a used machine by choosing from Linde’s refurbished park with the help of experts.

A separate dimension between new and used: standardized renovation with warranty:

From Linde's stock, you can choose from refurbished used forklifts with warranty, financing and service packages. These machines were withdrawn from Linde's own fleet or rental fleet, which means that they were taken care of by the company's own service technicians throughout their operation so far, and then underwent a complete overhaul at Linde's own service. You can choose from several different categories of used forklifts that have been refurbished to specified standards. Each of them provides a renovation with an international quality mark, with a warranty for different periods. The classification depends on the age and history of the truck and the extent of the refurbishment. From these, it is worth choosing according to the degree of intensity of use. During the renovation, original Linde spare parts will be used and the machines intended for sale will be cleaned, inspected, repaired and repainted.

In addition to education and testing, Linde also offers financing and service packages, so we can truly unleash the luxury of an almost new feeling while making a risk-free, economically rational decision. You can't lose with him.