Kick-start your on-demand business with a bike taxi app

On-demand Bike Taxi software to help entrepreneurs in creating a fully functional bike taxi commute app.This custom bike taxi app solution comes with pre-loaded features and apps.

On-demand taxi apps have completely taken over the rest of the transportation options. These taxi apps have built a platform for users to take up their rides at affordable prices. Taking a can from one place to another is absolutely fine. But when you have to reach not-so-far places, cabs are not that affordable.

How about taking a bike ride to reach the place? Unlike taxi booking, bike taxi apps have become more popular among peers to reach nearby locations. Bike taxi apps like Rapido, Uber, Ola, Jugnoo, Gojek, and Safe Boda are flourishing in their business.

If you are about to develop your bike taxi application, this blog will surely help you out. We will discuss important aspects of developing a robust bike taxi app.

How popular are these bike taxi apps?

Cabs and taxis are better transportation options for individuals to travel long distances. But sometimes, when people want to reach a destination in a much shorter duration, cabs are not a perfect solution. 

Bikes are the best options to reach a destination within a few minutes. They can pass through heavy traffic in a fraction of the time and are also affordable. Understanding this, bike taxi applications were created. 

The bike taxi app concentrates on travellers who want to reach nearby and shorter locations. Moreover, people from urban backgrounds have become more prone to such bike taxi apps to book their rides. 

How to develop a viable bike taxi application?

Once you have decided to develop your bike taxi app, you should start considering the following steps,

  • Understand the potential of the market and its demand. Analyze the trends prevailing in the market. 
  • Be specific with what you are going to offer your customers and develop a solution for that. 
  • Know your target audience and face them out with your solutions. 
  • Zero in on the perfect ways to generate revenue through your app. 
  • Work out the features you would like to have in your app. 
  • Hire the best developers who can develop your app with expertise. 
  • Develop the app and test it to see how it works. 

Important technological features to include in your app

  • Real-time tracking 

The live location feature of the app enables users to track the availability of rides. Within a few seconds, the riders could know the status of their users so that they could reach their locations exactly. 

  • Route optimization

The AI-driven software should enable the drivers to take up routes that are less traffic and crowded. By doing so, you can avoid the uncertainties on roads. This will also help the riders and users reach destinations faster. 

  • Fare and discount calculation 

The bike taxi app should have in-built technology that can calculate the fares of the rides. At the time of booking the rides, the users will get an estimation of the trip. 

Summing up,

On-demand bike taxi apps are emerging as a popular option among individuals to schedule rides. So, this will be the right time for you to launch your on-demand bike taxi app.