How to decorate a small house in style?

Today A little about the challenge of decorating a small house with style and keeping your space organized!

How to decorate a small house in style?

Today A little about the challenge of decorating a small house with style and keeping your space organized!

Nowadays, houses and apartments are getting smaller and smaller and people need to be very creative to decorate their corner. But thanks to functional furniture this task becomes easier. Want to know how to decorate a small house in style? Come and see!

First, you need to think about everything that is useful and also what each piece of furniture and object needs. Remember: the more objects and furniture you have, the smaller your environment will appear. In cases of small houses and apartments, it is important to choose the tip less is more.

But calm down, today I'll give you some tips on how to decorate your little corner to make it as pleasant as possible!


Starting with the kitchen. The convivial environment, where one or more residents will prepare their meals and be together at these times. Therefore, she needs good circulation and space available for cooking, such as a support bench. For Plumbing Issues Contact here

Don't have space to put a bench? How about abdicating the dining table and building only an American counter to carry out meals and also prepare food? But, if you don't want to give up a dining table, there are extendable table options, where you increase the space to receive more guests and when you're not using it, just close it.

Living Room:

What can't be missing in the living room is television and sofa, right? So first of all, measure the available size for a comfortable sofa. A tip is to opt for a retractable sofa, where you increase it to have more space and close it when you're not using it. Do you receive many visits? All right, choose a sofa bed then there are a lot of beautiful and trendy models these days.

Balcony and outdoor Area:

Some small houses and apartments have an outdoor environment, even if it's not very big. If you want to have plants and grow a vegetable garden, a nice tip is to use and abuse a vertical garden so that it doesn't take up too much of the available space.


Usually the bedroom is a very small room where you need to figure out how to place the furniture. Choose a bed that is multifunctional, that is, that fulfills another function besides sleeping. There are chest-style models but every time you need to pick up something you need to lift the top.

Even better are the options with drawers, Bali Bed style. It takes advantage of all the little corners under the bed and you can put everything in its place without having to lift the mattress. I even have one! I talk a little bit about it here.

These are the wildcard tips for those who want to decorate the compact space but keep the style and organization! Want to see more tips.

Now, tell us: what is your biggest difficulty when choosing furniture for your home?