7 Great Adventures in South Australia's Outback

Now, let’s talk about the great and fun adventures in South Australia's Outback. Have a look at what does the place has to offer for the visitors.

7 Great Adventures in South Australia's Outback
Great Adventures in South Australia's Outback

Are you planning your vacation to South Australia's Outback?  If yes, then you must know about some of the great Adventures in South Australia's Outback.  There are a lot of adventures and activities in the outdoors of  South Australia. You are going to have an unforgettable experience if you follow the places and activities mentioned below.

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Now, let’s talk about the great and fun adventures in South Australia's Outback. Have a look at what does the place has to offer for the visitors.

Coward Springs

Well, this is no less than a day spa under the blue and open sky. Located in the Oodnadatta Track, Coward Springs is an oasis. However, it might not be similar to your day spa. But getting soaked is the best way to rejuvenate and get freshen up in the middle of the road. Once you reach the destination, you will notice a string attached to the ground. Here you can set your tents. Here. You can experience the most remote feeling of the country.

Painted Hills

This attraction has some of the diverse and unique landscapes that await you. From sandstones to red rolling sands to flat deserts to brush scrub to some dry and creed beds, there are many more things to witness. You get to see different hues within a small range of land. Deserts are spread with different colors such as red, pink, purple, and yellow. Moreover, you can also have an aerial view of the painted hills. 

You must have got the idea why the Painted Hills are called so. Yes, it's because of the different colors they appear in. It serves as a beautiful landscape to the eyes of its visitors.

William Creek

We just talked about Oodnadatta Track, somewhere in the above section. This place is very close to it. It is just a dot on the map. It is Australia’s smallest community. William Creek has a pub with a camping ground. The ceilings and the walls of the pub hold a whole lot of mementos such as pictures, hats, and even ATM cards. These items are kept as decorative pieces by the owners as the mementos left by the visitors of William Creek.

Coober Pedy

It is one of the most unusual places in Australia, if not in the world. The most interesting fact about this place is that half of the town is built under the ground. Moreover, the phrase ‘Coober Pedy’ means “white man in a hole” in English. Visitors who are interested in coming to this place can make JetBlue airlines reservations and fly to The Ghan or somewhere in between Adelaide and Australia.

You can find several hotels for your stay under the ground. Also, you can visit the churches. You must be thinking, why 50% of the town is built below the earth? The reason behind this is that, during the hot months of summer, the temperature rises to around 100 degrees. To cope with those hot and life-taking days, the city is built under the ground. 

Birdsville Hotel

It is the only pub in the country. Usually, all traveling to the Simpson Desert or on the Birdsville Track stop here to eat, rest and enjoy. It serves quality food. You must not miss this place if you are someone looking to experience authentic and original Australian Outback.

Bungle Bungles

It is a beautiful national park. It is a sound six hours drive from the town. The place is worth visiting. You can also click a bunch of pictures as it gives a stunning view of the sunset at its backdrop. Conglomerates and sandstones build dome-shaped towers attracting more and more tourists here. 

Kings Canyon

The place holds another national park of the country called, Watarrka National park. Tourists get a number of activities to perform if they visit here. They can have an aerial view of the sky from the sky at the time when the world welcomes the sun. During the nighttime, you can have your dinner with travel mates in the Kings Canyon Resort. Along with the local folks or guide, you can experience the visit to the waterfall near that place. 

Are wondering what would be the best time of the year to visit Kings Canyon? Well, the best time to visit this place is somewhere between May and October.  These are the months when the place displays its utmost beauty.

Therefore these were great adventures in South Australia's Outback one can witness if they visit the place for their upcoming vacation. We hope that you find all the information useful while planning your vacations to Australia.