We all know that arranging the moving is not as easy and fun as we used to see in the movies or somewhere, especially when you are doing it alone


We all know that arranging the moving is not as easy and fun as we used to see in the movies or somewhere, especially when you are doing it alone. But everything seems easier and fun with friends, isn’t it? So let’s consider 5 steps for organizing a moving day with friends. Lets get started.

  1. Home party with friends.

Before that long awaited moving day, arrange the party with a night stay with a friend who’s going to help you with moving. There will probably be 4-5 people. You will hang out with some pizza, watch TV shows or movies and just relax. And this definitely will help you for the upcoming moving process. We all know that this process will be easier with professional Movers, but anyway sometimes we want to do it ourselves.

  1. Keep it or throw it

The next step is sorting items. Your friends will help you with distributing the necessary and unnecessary things from your home. This is not that easy, because first of all you must have a list of things in advance, where you exactly should mention what items you need at your home, what items you don’t need at all. Also pay attention to the sizes of your items. For instance, if you’re going to take sofe with you , you need to think about it. Because it will be hard to arrange long distance moving without moving company. Also don’t forget to give some items to your friends. Maybe there are things in your home which you do not appreciate, but your friend loves and needs it.

  1. Decide whether you will be moving on your own or with the help of a specialized moving company.

In order for the move to take place, you need to complete the following tasks:

  • Pack things
  • Carry things to the vehicle
  • Choose a vehicle and carry things
  • Unload things from the car and unpack in a new place

You must decide who will handle each of these tasks: yourself or a specialized relocation company. If you decide to entrust some of these tasks to professionals, then this will be a viable solution if you’re arranging not the local moving. And always use services from one company. Movers from one company, and transport from another company is a mistake, since in this case it will be difficult for you to coordinate the work of different companies (someone may be late or get stuck in a traffic jam).

We can also say that the work of the so-called “gray movers” (who work with you without a contract) is almost always more expensive than the work of professional moving companies, and is much more criticized. Always remember, moving companies guarantee you safe moving.

  1. Stock up on packaging

The minimum packing materials you need are:

  • Sturdy cardboard boxes of the same size – to make it easier to stack them on top of each other
  • Tape for sealing boxes
  • Bubble wrap to protect your belongings from damage on the road
  • Additionally, optional: a marker for signing boxes, stretch film, wardrobe box (a box for clothes where you can hang clothes directly on a hanger), rope or twine, as well as a knife to cut the film and tape when it’s time to unpack your boxes

Use only new packaging materials, as old cardboard boxes, firstly, can stain your things, and secondly, they can tear at the most inopportune moment.

  1. Disassemble furniture and pack things

First, pack what you rarely use. Defrost the refrigerator.

Disassemble furniture that can be disassembled (start with cabinets; disassemble beds, dining table and chairs last). Do not forget that you will then have to assemble this furniture back, so if this is the first time you disassemble this furniture, it is better to write down or sketch what is attached to what. Put the screws, nuts and fasteners in a separate bag (separate for each piece of furniture!), Sign and pack in one box along with the rest of this cabinet or sofa.

If a piece of furniture cannot be disassembled, then at least you need to pull out all the glass parts and all the drawers, and all opening doors must be closed and tied with twine so that they do not open (or sealed with masking tape, which does not leave marks when peeled off).

Be sure to sign all boxes, and the more details, the better. Do not put things from different rooms in one box, because then after moving you will not be able to immediately take the box to the right room.

Separately, and last but not least, pack whatever you need right away at the new location: a change of clothes, a change of bed linen, hygiene items. Put it in one place and take documents, keys, a mini first aid kit, a small snack and a supply of water with you into the car.

  1. Take care of your baby and pets.

If you are organizing an apartment move, do not forget that the move is a big stress for children and pets. Arrange with someone to sit with your child or pet while packing and handling. For animals, it is necessary to provide for the transportation in which they will travel.

Make your move as easy as possible!