5 Easy Office Cleaning Hacks For Those Who Can't Afford Professional Cleaners

Do you own a small office and are running on a tight budget to be able to hire professional cleaners to get neat and clean office space?

Do you own a small office and are running on a tight budget to be able to hire professional cleaners to get neat and clean office space?

Or the professional cleaners you just hired, cancelled your booking at the last minute and you are expecting a new client in a few days?

Well, it never rains but it pours!!

So worry not. We have some easy and workable hacks for office cleaning in St Kilda which will give you a clean and shining office just like new without much effort.

1. Clean Using Sticky Notes

Due to our hectic work schedule, more often than not we end up having our meals at our desks. This leaves our keyboards filled with food crumbs. And trying to pick up these morsels stuck between the keys with fingers do more harm than good. They get pushed in even more. So, using the adhesive stripe of the sticky notes is a clever hack. These crumbs will easily stick to these stripes and come out nice and clean. Take 10 mins off from work and hunt them down using this hack.

2. Clean Office Chairs With Hydrogen Peroxide

Only after some time of use, office chairs tend to become dirty and grimy especially from the back. Such chairs can make even the brightest of office decor dull and dark. Using a solution of detergent and few teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide to clean the office chairs can do wonders. Instead of using strong cleaners that can harm the fabric or material of the chairs, this solution will prove to be more economical and equally effective. Simply make this office cleaning in St Kilda a routine work and rub this mixture on your dirty chairs on a Friday evening before leaving the office. You will be surprised to be welcomed by the brand new version of your same old office chairs. Ready to take your seat?

3. Vacuum Cleaner

Hiring from a professional cleaning company can be expensive especially when you have just started off your own business and have a small office setup. So be wise and invest in a handheld vacuum cleaner which is much cheaper. Dust can penetrate any nook and corner of the office, be it filing cabinets, cupboards, drawers or books. A vacuum cleaner will take care of all your office furniture and help in keeping your office dust-free at all times. Assign cleaning duties on a rotational basis.

4. Make your Office Greener

Placing small indoor plants in your office at strategic locations will help create a positive environment. Green coloured plants can mix well with almost any kind of interior design and furniture thus producing positive vibes which is conducive to a healthy and productive office atmosphere. These kinds of small greens placed here and there in an office offers a sense of freshness and calmness to the visitor which is indirectly beneficial to your business. If you are a building manager responsible for the maintenance of huge office premises, then take professional help for office cleaning in St Kilda to save a lot of time.

5. Power of Power Cleaning

Power cleaning works the same way a power nap does. A 15-20 minute power nap recharges your body for the rest of the day. Similarly, take 15 mins daily from your work schedule and dedicate it to do a  basic clean up of your office desk. This will help you declutter your table without much effort and you will save a lot of time in cleaning a huge pile of mess later.

Cleaning is the one task which is disliked by the most. But only a few clever people know the secret to a stress-free, less time-consuming and effective cleaning spree. Just try these simple hacks and make office cleaning in St Kilda plain sailing.