Top 5 Exercise for Abs can do it in GYM

Top 5 Exercise for Abs can do it in GYM

Just like any other part of your body, your abs deserves special mention. You have to work out on the core strength-based exercises which will focus mainly on abs and make it look great. Now, your nearby Oakleigh gym has some allotted exercises added within its package, which you should follow. These exercises are perfect and procured from personal trainers working in Gyms in Cheltenham. So, without wasting time, let’s jump right into top 5 exercises for abs now!

  1. The perfect upper abs workouts:

Dumbbell crunch is one perfect exercise to focus towards your upper abs. You can enrol in Oakleigh gym to get hold of the dumbbells used for this exercise. Here, you have to lie on your back and hold a dumbbell or weight plate cross-chest with both hands. Now, try to raise the torso and then lower it. Here, you have to maintain tension in upper abs throughout the entire procedure.

  1. The idea of tuck and crunch:

In this procedure, you have to lie down with hands by head and legs raised with knees, which are bent at 90-degree angle. During the same time, you can raise the torso and draw knees towards your chest. Make sure to keep fingers by temples throughout and then initiate each rep without jerking up torso. Just try to avoid letting your feet touch floor between reps.

  1. Go for the plank:

Plank is one of those core abs exercises, which will stimulate more abdominal activity when compared to regular crunch. It will work out the muscles in back too. For this method, you have to support the entire body on forearms and balls of feet. Then create a bridge with your body and position it in one straight line. Pull abs tight in and hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds, and repeat.

  1. The bicycle crunch is yet another exercise to follow:

Some studies have indicated that this bicycle crunch exercise was the second highest one, to strengthen up the obliques within participants. This exercising routine helps in addressing more abdominal activity when compared to the traditional crunch, and it will include obliques and lower stomach as well. You can visit Gyms in Cheltenham to catch up with personal trainers and learn the ways of bicycle crunch before performing.

  1. Modified V-sit exercising routines:

In this exercising module, you have to lie with legs raised off your gym floor and extended away to make them parallel with the floor. Then you have to raise your arms straight at sides and held them off the floor. Always keep arms straight as you start to raise your torso and bring legs in by bending the knees. Now, the knees will meet your chest at top of the move. After that, lower it under control.

You can feel some pressure in the torso while performing these five major abs exercises. It shows that your hard work is paying off and you will get those six or eight packs in no time. Follow the methods well and as asked for by the personal trainers in the gym.